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Sidney Crosby Makes His Comeback After Concussion Suffered January 2011

Thursday October 13, 2011

Sidney Crosby was given the O.K. to play contact hockey during practice with the Pittsburgh Penguins. This is the first time his team mates had the opportunity to get physical and hit Crosby since his January 2011 concussion.

As you probably know Sidney Crosby was accidently blind sided by David Steckel at the 2011 Winter Classic on New Year's day. And a few days later Sidney Crosby took a big hit from Victor Hedman of Tampa Bay. These two hits are considered the cause of his Concusion. The symptoms of his concussion were severe enough for family members to ask Crosby to consider retiring from the NHL. Especially since he's already accomplished so much in his short pro career. However, authorization for contact hockey during practice looks like the first step for Crosby's return to NHL action. And a clear indication that Sidney Crosby retiring from the NHL is not being considered at this point in time.

So it looks like Sidney Crosby may be playing in another NHL game in the future. But before the final ok is given or the exact date is determined Sidney Crosby's response to contact hockey during practice will be monitored. You can rest assured the Penguins, NHL, and fans will be watching closely and hoping for a positive response. There's one problem, his Pittsburg Penguins team mates held back refusing to hit or check Sidney Crosby. Understandibly, they're afraid such a hit could result in a set back.

So the question remains... has Sidney Crosby really overcome his concussion? Will he respond positively to contact hockey during practice? And if so when will he return to face his NHL rivals?

Before we can even begin to consider these questions his team mates have to hit Sidney Crosby during practice. Only then will we know if Crosby has recovered from concussion he suffered January 2011. Here's a video that explains what he plans to do to get his team mates to hit him during practice. Enjoy!





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