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Sidney Crosby First Hockey Player Since Mario Lemieux in 1993 To Win The Lou Marsh 2007 Canadian Top Athlete of The Year Award

Tuesday December 11, 2007

The Pittsburgh Penguins Captain and 2006-07 NHL MVP, Sidney Crosby, is the first hockey player to win the Lou Marsh award since Mario Lemiuex in 1993 and before that it was Wayne Gretzky in 1989.

The Lou Marsh award is named after a pioneer in sports journalism who worked for the Toronto Star for 43 years. Lou Marsh began working at The Toronto Star at 14 years old in 1893 as an office boy. From 1925-1936 he ran a daily column called “With Pick and Shovel’ that featured in depth analysis of the sports scene. Lou Marsh also played various sports and refereed hockey and boxing. Lou Marsh died suddenly in 1936 at 58 years old.

In 1936 Charles Ring donated the Marsh Trophy in memory of Lou Marsh. The trophy is made of black marble, stands about 2 and half feet tall, and has “With Pick and Shovel” above the engraved names of the athletes who have won the award. Wayne Gretzky has won the award a record 4 times. This gives Sidney Crosby another Wayne Gretzky record to chase.

With hockey being Canada’s favorite sport, its surprising that the last time a hockey player won the award was fourteen years ago. The winner back in 1993 was Mario Lemiuex.

Between 1936 and 2007, eight hockey players have won the award. The first was Maurcie The Rocket Richard in 1957. The other hockey players to have won the award are Bobby Orr 1970, Phil Espositio 1972, Bobby Clarke 1975, Guy Lafleur 1977, Wayne Gretzky (1982, 1983, 1985, 1989), Mario Lemieux 1993, and Sidney Crosby 2007.

The voting for this years Lou Marsh Award was close between Steve Nash of the NBA and Sidney Crosby of the NHL. Votes for the award are cast by a panel of journalists. This year the journalists who voted Sidney Crosby in was made up by a group from The Toronto Star, The Canadian Press, the FAN590AM Toronto/Primetime Sports, The Globe and Mail, CBC, Sportsnet, CTV/TSN, Montreal La Presse and The National Post.

The Toronto Star posted an article on their website on December 11, 2007 called "Sidney Crosby Wins Lou Marsh Award". In this article a statement put out by the Pittsburgh Penguins has Sidney Crosby saying, “Winning this award is obviously a tremendous honour and I’m humbled by it. To receive an award that's been won by guys like Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky and other great Canadian athletes says it all. Growing up in Cole Harbour, you don't even think of things like this -- being named Canada's athlete of the year.”

In about a month from now the Canadian Press will announce their choice for athlete of the year. Lets see if Sidney Crosby will win this one too.






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